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The Deben Butchers was established in 1996 in Woodbridge, Suffolk by Nigel Underwood and his family. Previously working as an area manager for Dewhurst, Nigel purchased the Woodbridge premises, already fitted out as a butcher’s shop, when Dewhurst decided to close it. After 10 years of serving the public from his Woodbridge premises, he moved the business to Felixstowe, Suffolk. After locating suitable premises, he had the task of fitting it out himself as a butcher’s shop. A new fridge was installed, air conditioning added and new equipment purchased. He still kept the same counter that has served his customers for many years at the previous shop. The day of the move was a Friday, with trading at the Woodbridge shop officially ceasing at 3pm, the shop was then cleaned and emptied of all equipment which was then transferred to the new premises in Felixstowe. Over night Nigel and The Deben Butchers team set up the equipment and cut the meat ready for the opening on the Saturday! It was a long night, but it was successfully achieved and The Deben Butchers has continued to prevail as a supplier of fine quality, free-range, local meat products.


The Deben Butchers is continuing to grow and develop able to cater for both the general public and commercial customers alike. No matter what your need you are guaranteed a friendly, knowledgeable and professional service, with a hint of tradition thrown in for good measure! Why not come and visit The Deben Butchers in Felixstowe for that old fashioned butcher quality service?!



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